We are a group of music leaders who have been running music sessions for the last 15 years for children and adults.

Rockabillies pre-school music sessions enable learning through music in so many ways!  We introduce little ones to instruments, rhythmn and music from all over the world at our beautiful, colourful premises. Suitable from 6 months for all ages.

The 3+ music sessions encourage children to build on musical skills by tuneful singing and developing an understanding of pulse whilst still having lots of fun!  Perfect for those moving on from the pre-school sessions.

Rockabillies choir is for adults who enjoy singing for fun.

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Posted: 23rd Aug 2019

Autumn term is from Mon 9th Sep to Fri 18th Oct. NEW - Kimberley groups and children's choir! Read more

Children's Music Sessions

Children's Music Sessions

Children's Parties

Children's Parties

"Sally led my son's 5th Birthday party at home and all the children had an excellent time. The party was adapted to our needs and the space available in our home. The children loved the songs, puppet, dancing, party lights and the instruments. We would definitely recommend Rockabillies for a Music Party for younger children."

- Stella Tarr

"We look forward to Rockabillies every week, the sessions are always lively, fun and creatively put together. I love the different themes, especially the seasonal ones as they teach my son about different traditions. We have done two terms so far and I feel I can already see my son's enjoyment and understanding of music developing. We will keep coming back for more!"

- Abi Spinks

"Rockabillies is brilliant! Cannot rate it highly enough, new themes and instruments all the time. We've been attending the class for 2 years now and my son is still as excited and interested in it as when we first started!"

- Julie Stead

"Just finished our last class after 3 1/2 years and 2 children. Thanks Roma we'll miss you x x"

- Rachel Briody