Music Sessions

Our 45 minute sessions have all been carefully planned and structured to engage your child throughout and allow them every opportunity to contribute and communicate increasing their confidence through enjoyment and the desire to take part.  We tie our sessions to cultural events such as Pancake day and Easter plus each term we include some world music sessions from countries such as Egypt, Spain and Ireland.  We take requests too and recently added a Frozen and Gruffalo session to our plans!

Group Days/Times

Monday Groups 9:45am, 11:00am, (3+ group 1:30pm - see '3+' menu for more details)

Tuesday Groups 9:45am

Thursday Groups 9:45am, (*PAYG 11:00am)

Friday Groups 9:45am, 11:00am

All groups with the exception of PAYG must be booked in advance.


£5 per session, to be paid termly in advance, £2.50 extra for siblings from 6 months old. 

E.g. -  A 6 week course will cost £30, £45 with a sibling.

* PAYG - £5 per session, to be paid on the day, £2.50 for siblings from 6 months old.